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History of Rockwood

Rockwood Golf Course had  a rich history. Located  on the Eastern edge of Independence, Missouri and nestled in a beautiful community. Once a pristine golf course where President Truman golfed and spent time with his friends in the Club House. A place enjoyed by the community. The sites and sounds of nature, people golfing with friends and family, homeowners that selected this location due to the golf course and was an anchor for our community, that went undisturbed for years.  (CLICK ON PHOTO ABOVE FOR MORE INFORMATION)

Waste of Space

In March of 2018 the City of Independence and its partners began the destruction of the southern 40 acre section of Rockwood Golf Course to install an industrial solar farm in the center our community, encased by a 6 ft chain link fence topped with razor wire. While the community can appreciate solar energy it is unfathomable that the City and its partners could not find a more suitable location for an industrial solar farm.     (CLICK ON PHOTO ABOVE FOR MORE INFORMATION) 

Our Mission

Although we can never bring back what mother nature and 80 years of life brought to our community. We can try to rebuild, remedy, and preserve the fond memories we have of Rockwood Golf Course. Please feel free to send us your photo's, memories, thoughts, comments, ideas, etc. This site is for all us.  With thoughtful action, communication and more we can make sure that no other community in the U.S. experiences the devastation to their community that we have. Please share this site and if you have information you would like to share with us please contact us at the link below.   (CLICK ON PHOTO ABOVE FOR MORE INFORMATION) 

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